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  • Aseel A. H.

Meeting your client for the first time as an Interior Designer : 6 ESSENTIAL questions you need to a

Interior Designers are people who are ideally great in optimizing and visualizing spaces, they understand the way people live, and they work on improving the way people use their homes, offices, malls and anything in between. They keep up to date with trends, they look for great aesthetics and they seek the best in the function and form world.

What interior designers also do is:

They meet clients.

And I cannot emphasize enough on how much it takes to prepare for each and every meeting.

All of the great things I mentioned above that interior designers ideally are, they all start from a good meeting with their client, because asking your client the right questions is basically you paving the way to a beautiful functional design.

So I am here to help you prepare for that client meeting by giving you the most important questions that you need to ask your client as an Interior Designer (meeting a client for a residential project, i.e. homes, condos, apartment, mansions, etc..)

If you are a client reading this, then get started on preparing for those questions before meeting your Interior Designer:


Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your family?