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  • Aseel A. H.

I tried not sticking to a schedule for a week, and here is what I thought of it:

Between freedom and chaos is a fine line, and being torn between wanting freedom and wanting structure is something that we all go through.

I am saying that because I have been sticking to my google calendar weekly schedule for 3 months now, it doesn't seem like a long time, but I honestly didn't think I could do it at all before, but last week was a week of celebrations, end of Ramadan and Eid, intensive social time and a lot of things to get done with, so I decided: Let's ditch the scheduling for a week, see what happens.

Maybe I will be more productive, maybe the newly found "freedom" will help me be happier.

Let me tell you this for sure:

It didn't make me happier.

it created a storm in my mind and not the good type, it's the chaotic, destructive , self-doubt infused storm.

Since I left my day job, I was always worried about this particular detail: What if I end up putting all of my precious time to waste?

And it happens from time to time, let me tell you this, it's normal to get stuck in ruts and to feel less productive sometimes, it's very humanly of us.

But last week, I wasted 150% of my time. THAT BAD!!!!!

I am not writing this to encourage you to obsessively plan out every single event of your week, it's simply impossible, plans get cancelled and friends come over unannounced and you will have to shift things around, being spontaneous is also incredibly important and it's essential if you want some fun in your life.

But structure is essential. Because the time you have is your most important asset after your health.

Utilizing your time now means getting to the things you have always wanted. So go for it, structure your life, build a routine that doesn't restrict you too much, but that will discipline your beautiful, wonderful, creative self.

I am sending you all good vibes and lots of love, my wishes for you is to be happy and productive and successful in whatever it is you are doing anywhere in the world.

All love to you,


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Nawara Adra
6 days ago

Great effort, best of luck in the course as well 🙌🏻


21 gen

🤩 Thank you!