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interior designer, coach, illustrator, entrepreneur 

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Hello! I am Aseel A. H., A licensed Interior Designer who graduated with a B.Sc. of Interior Design with Honors from Ajman University in 2014*.
*(Attestation Number: 11-4-1624-3-2014) 



  • Inspired by my teaching assistant job, I wanted to pursue a teaching career but not in the most traditional sense of the word. That's why I started uploading tutorials and videos dedicated to helping Interior Design students and enthusiasts understand and work in the Design field which helped me accumulate a total following of 60K+.
  • Teaching Interior Design in a more practical way came to be my number one passion; especially after freelancing and being through the motions of completing 50+ projects which gave me an edge to educate and do what I love.
  • Also after getting heavily inspired to gather a reference for the Interior Design Styles in my own way, I created, illustrated, and self-published The Interior Design Styles Lookbook which sold over 1K+ copies all over the world and is currently being sold on Amazon and Virgin Megastores.
  • Self-Publishing this reference earned me a Golden Visa in the UAE and an official certificate from Dubai Culture acknowledging me as a Creative Individual. I am so thankful for where I have been and where I am today and can't wait to see what the future brings. 
I started my career working as an Interior Designer in various establishments in UAE in 2014.


a humble brag type of essay lol) 

Dubai Licenses: 

aseel by sketchbook™ For Internet Content

Trade License No. 90928935

aseelbysketchbook™ for Design Services

Trade License No. 90911001 

aseel by sketchbook™ Design Publications

Trade License No. 862728
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