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Courses & Workshops


How do the courses teach?

Every course teaches you the basics of how to use the software specifically as an Interior Designer


Are these courses suitable for beginners? 

All levels (unless listed otherwise)!

I go through the basics to refresh in case you already know the software and for those beginning now! 

Do I need to download the software beforehand?

No, you don’t HAVE to, but preferably yes to follow along and get your specific questions answered live!

Why are the courses live?

You get to work with me and experience it for yourself, when you get a question, there is a dedicated Q&A time and I will usually answer during explaining as well.

I am in a different country than UAE, I don’t know how to convert the timing

Download a TIME CONVERTER SHEET HERE to check your time zone! All courses timings included


Is the pricing in USD?

Yes! Here is a link for a currency converter if you would like!.

Will the course be recorded?

Absolutely, you should receive the link in a week’s time to the recording so you can re-watch it as many times as you want

I have got a question about the software after buying the course, can I message you?

There is a dedicated group for every course and I will work on answering you as fast as I can!


Is there a certificate?

Not really, this is all about building skills and your capacity as an Interior Designer!

Are the tickets refundable?

Only in case of an emergency. But no, they are not refundable, you will receive the course recording if you don’t attend, so you will still get the value!

Do you have any testimonials?

Absolutely! Here is the Link.



Can't Wait to See You There! 

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