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First time hiring an Interior Designer? 3 THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN YOU ARE HIRING!

It can be kind of confusing hiring an Interior Designer for the first time, for us, designers, it's actually a great match when we get a client who haven't hired an Interior Designer before, it's exciting to see their smiles when you deliver the project, it's pure joy. But for the clients it's actually pretty confusing and a very over-whelming experience.

You see if you are hiring an Interior Designer for the first time, you have to look for few things to help you decide if they are the right fit for you.

Not everyone rolls in the same way, and not everyone designs in the same style, but what you need to look for in a designer is the following:

1. Portfolio:

Obviously you want to see if you like their style of designing, some designers are more fluent in traditional design, while others are modern style wizards. (or other styles for that matter).

Their portfolio will actually also determine the amount of projects they have worked on, and therefore their experience.


Look for someone with a good taste and who is passionate about what they are doing, REGARDLESS how many projects they have done.

Sometimes students deliver better projects than a lot of experienced professionals.

However the experience plays a good role when it comes to executing and how fluent they are with the process.

2. Chemistry:

Do you know how it feels to share the intimate way you live with a stranger?

Designers need meticulous details about your life, because designers are trained to make your space work for your own lifestyle. As an example, if I need to design your wardrobe, I need to know all. of. the. items. inside. Seriously, we have to learn about your hobbies, your family, how you interact in the space.

If you do not feel comfortable TALKING to the designer, do not hire them (myself included).

3. Their Pricing:

It will definitely differ from one person to another, if you are hiring a freelancer, their pricing is generally lower,

and it depends on your scope of work, if you need a mere consultation, it will be a lot cheaper than A-Z interior design service package. The price will even fluctuate between one design firm and another, and one freelancer and another. Choose what works best for you.

Need more help?

Contact me! I would love to answer any questions you might have!!

Much love to you,



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