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  • Aseel A. H.

Outsourcing in Interior Design vs. putting in the work (when you are starting out)

I can't tell you how stressed I am at this very moment. But let me paint a picture for you: I am in an over-sized sweater, I have the t.v. turned on with bird noises playing (some relaxation app on Apple TV), eating straight-up junk food and trying to type while freaking out a little bit because I am genuinely not supposed to be doing this. Why you ask?

I have a deadline on Saturday. I am writing this as a way to get my thoughts out of my head. (AKA to procrastinate)

For those of you who know me, you know a version of me who is focused, determined, and consistent.

I know myself better though, just because I happen to be with myself all. the. darn. time. And I am about to confess something so brutal to my reputation (hopefully not?).

I am a master procrastinator, I keep things to the very final hours before I have the deadline. Yep. I do that.

However I did watch a TED talk about this phenomena by the brilliant Tim Urban (watch it here! it's super funny and extremely true) and it made me feel, normal? Like mostly everyone have the exact same dilemma. So I felt less of a failure, and more human.

Now why am I talking about procrastination when the title is what is written above? Well let me tell you.

A hidden part of the picture I painted for you is my inner deep dark thoughts, telling me (you could have outsourced this part of the design, you didn't absolutely need to do it yourself). Especially after talking to one of my absolutely brilliant and great friends a couple days ago, telling me she would not do 3D visualization or learn it at all because it did not interest her, and she felt like as a designer it shouldn't be a part of her scope.

I get that particular opinion a lot, and I believe it's absolutely true, but I also think you gotta do the time before you can outsource anything. For the simple fact that it does build up your work ethics, it builds your character, it makes you understand the process, you will screw up once, twice, thrice, until you learn what you need to learn. You will experiment with different scenarios and different software. YOU WILL FEEL TORTURED AT SOME POINTS; like when your computer decides to update itself for 16 hours straight. Then you will understand what are your strengths, and what are things that you felt that are simply not for you, only after you've TRIED them. You got to put in the work. Whole- heartedly, feel the tears streaming down your eyes, feel the sweat going out in the hot weather to meet people, feel the blood getting disturbed because you have been sitting on your butt all day, or rushing out of your body when you get a paper cut. (or when your mouse stabs you when you are changing the battery).

Seriously, you will not know what parts do you need to outsource unless you start DOING things. Learn what you gotta learn, be a beginner if you must, then if you feel spending that amount of money to outsource something is absolutely crucial, then at least you know it's not a waste, you know you have a tried and you know it's not for you.

This is my point of view on this at least, but I would love to hear yours.

All love to you,


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Nawara Adra
7 days ago

Great effort, best of luck in the course as well 🙌🏻



🤩 Thank you!