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How to: Create an Interior Design Portfolio

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog :)

I have just made a video talking in details about how to create an Interior Design Portfolio, I have also answered some FAQ's!

I will be linking it here!

And as promised in the video here is the template! I have added some useful information to it too about how to create an awesome Interior Design Resume! Let me know how you like it.

Here is a PDF version as well.

And please come and hang out with me on all of my social media platforms. Would love to connect <3

Here is the video:

instagram: aseelbysketchbook snapchat: aseelbysketchbook twitter: @abysketch

To view this PowerPoint in it's original shape, you will need to download and install the following fonts!


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3월 06일

Hello, this is Alex your article is so beautiful to reading I have a same blog about fashion please visit here: Stylemenz


2022년 10월 03일

amazing..super detailed for every step! thanks for sharing Aseel

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