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  • Aseel A. H. Feat. Ali S. Khalid:

Planning 2019 (& sticking to the goals)

Hello designers,

& HELLO 2019!!

I have recently uploaded a video on my YouTube Channel talking about methods of planning 2019, and I really want to add some crucial points.

Me and my husband we talked about why should we plan and apps we use for planning.

To see the full video click on here.

Here are some additional tips to help you stick to your goals this year:

1- break down big goals to small chunks:

of course, we all want to live our lives big, we want to achieve big goals, but big goals all consist of small baby steps.

If we map out the road where those baby steps will take us, it will be less intimidating to go after the goals that we are meant to achieve.

2-Grit: Consistency, perseverance. Living life as a marathon, not a sprint.

3- quantifiable goals: Instead of being very general, get specific, instead of: I wanna be rich this year, you might want to say: I want to earn *insert amount of money here* this year, which means I need to make *so and so* on each project. That way, you will still get to the original goal, but you will do it with a plan.