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10 Interior Design Tools that made my life so much easier!

Updated: May 25, 2021

Hey Designers! So, last week I have been really busy taking on new projects and clients, and as I was in the middle of it all, I realized I have some tools that REALLY make my life so much easier, and I wanted to share some of these tools with you as they help save time and money!*

*This post contains some affiliate links, it won't cost you anything extra, but it will help my small business grow, thank you!

Let's dive right in:

1- A Laser Measuring Tape:

You know, currently, I am a team of one, although I do have a draftsman for some projects (and my wonderful husband that supports me quite a lot), sometimes I find myself in a site visit all by myself, in big rooms, without an existing AutoCAD file, so I would need to measure that room. Do you know who has always been by my side in this situation? A handy laser measuring tape! It makes it less of an awkward situation to measure and bend over in front of clients *eeeek* Get yourself one of those babies, here is an excellent choice for a 2-in-1 measuring tape (so you can measure areas that are too small to be measured with a laser)


2- A sketchbook that has squared/ grid pages: It's a lot easier to record your measurements and draw a hypothetical plan on a notebook that contains a ready grid, trust me.


3- A tripod + a SELF-LEVELING LASER : To take up pictures of the room (whether you are using your camera or phone) for better angles and better before and after shots, game changer!

Also, did you know about the self-leveling laser? It gives you the ability to fix frames on the wall without going back and forth to see if everything is leveled out, very, very handy.