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Quotation / Service Agreement + Invoice + Receipt Templates for Freelancing Inte

Quotation / Service Agreement + Invoice + Receipt Templates for Freelancing Inte


Product Details

Quotation / Service Agreement + Invoice + Receipt Templates for Interior Designers on WORD

Have you ever faced trouble creating a quick contract / service agreement for a new prospect? We got your back!

This template will help you send quotations to potential clients that help them understand the scope, pricing and timeline alongside with many important information that keeps the process professional and clear.

Also we have include the invoice template along side with reciepts because we know how hectic it can be to arrange these kind of documents in times of projects.

Easy to use and quick to fill up!

Fully customizable

• When do I send a quotation?

After emailing, meeting, or talking to your prospect (discovery calls) obtaining the scope of the project, and getting to know exactly what they want, also you are encouraged to obtain the floor plan to highlight the exact scope.

• When to send an invoice:
When your client sends the signed copy of the quotation/service agreement and has been informed about payment terms and timelines and scope.
An invoice is a document used to indicate how much should the client pay and when. Adding the payment method will help the client understand how to make the payment and help you get paid faster!

• When to send a receipt: After receiving your payment!

• Can I add more terms?
You are ENCOURAGED to do so, you know your business more, you can use this template as a basis and build on it.

• Should I charge for initial discovery call?
I personally charge for it; it filters out serious people from less serious people. A lot of prospects tend to vanish after a quotation, you need to charge for your time and anything that uses up your time.


When you buy this template, you are automatically granted an exclusive, non-transferable Standard License. Under this license, you can use the template to create an unlimited number templates for ONE business, you can share a flatten image as a PDF to your clients, but you can’t resell, redistribute, share these templates under your own name, any preach of this clause is considered a violation of copyright law and legal actions will be taken.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: These templates have not been drafted by a lawyer, check with your lawyer to add any extra clauses if necessary.

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