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Consider this gallery a little corner of my work online, I have had the pleasure to work with a lot of wonderful people, some of whom accept me sharing their work online, others didn't. I am grateful for everyone who ever worked with me and if you are thinking of working with me, here is a sample of my pride and joy. 


Completed in 1 week! 
Our beautiful client, Aisha, wanted this transformation done in 1 week, which we managed to accomplish! to enjoy her beach house during the beautiful weather in Fujairah, UAE. 
We decided to turn the saturation level all the way down to a calming, neutral color palette, making sure to focus on the activities and providing the right products for her family to enjoy the perfect boho-chic living room / haven. 

Moza is one badass client that I had the pleasure to work with! Moza is an artist that appreciates the Boho-Chic Style. Her brief is: I want a boho-chic bedroom that functions as a hotel room, and that's what was delivered. Her room has a pantry, storage for days, and a place for her to do her crafts and paint. the yellow 




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