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  • Aseel A. H.

I hate my projects

In the beginning, whenever I am designing something, I literally hate it.

Not because I don't enjoy the process, I love the process, I do most of my work from a-z, the brainstorming, the sketches, the layout, the modelling, the rendering. I take pride in that.

However, when I start with the project, the brainstorming is the most exciting part, designing the mood board, the color scheme, the branding.


The minute I start the 3d visualizing, things get complicated, I start to see the flaws in my sketches and the brainstorming, the visualization of the space in my head.

This is when I start dreading everything about myself, I start to lose trust, and doubt my ability to design, but I keep on going because of deadlines, because I have to deliver results, and because I know it's good for me to keep going. So I do that, and as tempting it is for me to quit, in the words of Shawn Mendes it isn't in my blood.

So I keep going, and a thousand struggles later. I find the way.

Think about it this way, it's like taking a road trip in the middle of the night, in the darkest bit of it, but you are able to see 50 meters ahead.

When the dawn start to crack and the vision starts to clear a little bit more, it's foggy, but it's there. There is hope,

Until one minute everything starts making sense, it's bright and clear, not a single cloud in the sky, that's when I fall head-over-heels in love with every single detail.

Just keep going, that's all it takes. :)

Lots of Love,


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26 juin

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Nawara Adra
09 avr.

Great effort, best of luck in the course as well 🙌🏻


21 janv.

🤩 Thank you!


30 déc. 2023

thank you !


20 déc. 2023

Love this! thank you.


06 mars 2023

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03 oct. 2022

amazing..super detailed for every step! thanks for sharing Aseel

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