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  • Aseel A. H.

What to ask a commercial project client (as an Interior Designer)

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Hey designers!

So in this blog post, I will make it short and simple, here are the 10 questions to ask a commercial project client when you are meeting them for the first time as an interior designer:

1- Can you describe your brand? (let them speak about the brand's keywords, ask for the branding kit, it will help you out a lot during the design)

2- What is the atmosphere like in the space you want to be designed? (Casual? Sophisticated? Open? Private?)

3- Can you describe a typical day in the space? (How do people function within the space? what kind of activities do you expect in the space?) 4- What kind of public areas do you need? (areas that anyone can access)

5- What are the areas that are more private to the employees? (confidential areas) 6- Do you mind telling me about your organizational chart? (understand how many managers are there and if they each need a space, or how many people are staying within the establishment during the work hours, and how many people can share spaces) 7- What departments have to work together? (What are the shared areas of the office/workplace? which departments have to be adjacent to each other?) 8- What kind of theme/concept do you imagine within the space? (talk about colors, style, theme)

9- How many people do you expect in each area (if it's a workplace, how many people are in each department, if it's a retail, restaurant: What is the maximum capacity in the space, how many people are working in the kitchen, behind the counter, etc..)

10- Can we shift/ demolish walls, add walls, change construction within the space? (very important, especially when you are doing the space planning)

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