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6 Ways to Cope with the "The Slow Seasons" in Interior Design.

One of the many appeals of the world of interior design is the financial appeal where people promise interior designers that they will make TONS of money immediately, ESPECIALLY if they freelance. I am here to call B.S.

Unless of course, you have a family business that already has a great reputation and your contractors are a part of the company. Then yes, you are probably making a lot of money.

But the reality is, in the beginning when you get hired as an interior designer you are probably getting minimum wage, if not, please save up and take care of your finances early on.

But speaking from experience, it's usually not the case, and if you were working in a company like I did before then become your own entity then you are facing a different kind of challenge, I am here to tell you how normal it is and how it is not determined by how good you are, I named this challenge the "slow seasons" of interior design; which means, getting projects is difficult despite all the effort you are putting in marketing, it's hard to get a project during those "slow seasons"

It's a horrible feeling because you start to get a lot of self-doubts, you start to question your methods, you start to think about quitting. You have a lot of spare time, oh my God, the bills are piling up! It's slowwww... And, PROJECT! YES! No, false alarm. What do we do now?

These seasons are so crucial for your growth, although it's not adding anything to your portfolio, this is the time to build a strategy, which is the right time for you to do one of the followings, if not all, to build up other sources of income, steady streams that give you a back up in the slow seasons:

1. Building a Marketing Strategy: I have been reading The One Page Marketing Strategy and believe it or not, building a marketing strategy takes a chunk of time that you wouldn't have if you are already working on a project.

2. Social Media: content creation is such an essential part of marketing at this day and age, create a plan to post on your different social media platforms, re-purpose older projects, build an audience who will potentially become your clientele in the future. + bonus tip: Ads, on Instagram &