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Boho-Chic Hotel-Like Bedroom for Moza

Moza is a total badass artist (among many other things) and when I first got the call from here, we immediately clicked.

The brief was very interesting and she had such positive energy in her voice, which is totally key when I am taking on new projects. I say more no's than yes when it comes to taking on a new client.

She was moving to her new family house and wanted complete privacy in her room, as her family is big and she is an artist who likes to create (a lot of arts & crafts and that needs for her to be hyper-focused for hours)

So she requested a hotel-like room in her 4X4 meter room.

Step 1: Initial Consultation:

Before starting, I had to meet Moza and discuss the brief of the room, which gives us both clarity and set creative direction and expectations.

Step 2: Brief Details

I wrote down all the existing details + what Moza wanted in the room, a brief helps document the needs and wants of the client.

I also drafted a contract listing all of the important agreements between my client and me. Need your own? Here is a SOLID deal for you!

The already-built room had a huge built-in closet space, which we had to utilize in the design.

The spaces required were:

  • T.V. Media Center

  • A pantry

  • A sleeping area

  • An office area (with crafts supplies storage)

  • Shoe closet

  • Canvas aisle with art supplies storage

I also went for a site visit to survey the details and take my own measurements (although Moza has sent me the floor plan, the as-built isn't always as accurate as the existing measurements whereas it should be).


I snapped pictures of the BEFORE (can't emphasize how important it is to have those documented).

STEP 3: Aesthetic Defining

The idea was completely built upon the Rattan-Boho headboard that Moza fell in love with, and made sure to include it, as we tried to order it from the original source, the order was not accepted. So we ordered it (custom-made) from Tribe.

The mood board included a general feel of the materials and solutions to be proposed. STEP 4: Proposing Layout Options

I sent Moza 2 options for the layout, one to give her privacy with a projector above the bed to include the "t.v. center" that she requested

The other one was the more "centered option"

She picked the more centered option as it was more fitting for what she had in mind. The layout had a suggestion to break up one of the built-in closets (that were too much storage, to begin with) and create a media center alongside a "pantry".

STEP 4.5: Visualizing

I used SketchUp to Model the 3D version of the room, and Lumion to Render

STEP 5: Tailoring the solutions

We created a set of drawings alongside Cube Plus Interiors, which were AMAZING. Absolutely recommend the heck out of them. They came to the site multiple times, measured, verified, and discussed the drawings with us.


We started out with the color palette sampling (which ended up being Antique Brass and Milky Way by Jotun) and we took samples from Sapsa Bedding to cross-match the colors to the bed frame.

We bought the mattress and the bed frame, and we are now officially in motion.


Shopping is a crucial part of every project, Moza and I went to the shops where I sourced from originally (in the planning stage) and we made sure every piece is up to her standards. She expected high-end comfortable pieces and that's exactly what we shopped for.

Making Changes: It's not a step per se, but it is to be expected in every project, an example of that would be: we saw this pendant in one of the shops and we couldn't resist trying it within the context of the room, turns out, it was completely stunning and we decided to buy it.

A great tool to immediately visualize was my iPad mini, I imported the 3D visual from my Notion account and added the pendant instantly

BUY the iPad Mini: US & World Wide Link UAE Link

STEP 8: Painting

We contacted our favorite painter (RIYAS) who has always been a part of the team to paint according to the dimensions we specified and colors we chose.

STEP 9: Curtains, fully MOTORIZED:

We fully customized the curtains and motorized them in collaboration with the amazing Al Jaliya Furniture who we dealt with in nearly every project ever.

Notice, we only installed it after the paint was done and fully dry so we make sure the curtains won't be touching any wet paint.

STEP 10: Assembly & Everything Else:

And Done!!

Did you enjoy this post? We hope it was super useful for you. Let us know what you thought of it by commenting down below and asking any questions!

With love,

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