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Laptops that I recommend for Interior Designers

Updated: Mar 14

I won't take credit for this blog post, this is all of my husband's, Ali Saad, research. As I knew so little but he knows a lot and he offered to help! So thank you so much for your help and recommendations!

Here are the specs you need to be looking at if you are buying a laptop as an Interior Designer (assuming you render on Vray or any other software):

Processor: You need to be looking for an AMD RYZEN processor (the latest innovation in the processing architecture that has been proven to be better than the Intel)

Alternatively, if you can only find an Intel, an Intel i9 is your ideal second option

You will also want to look at the frequency operation of the processor, the higher, the better (the Ghtz)

The overclocking frequency of the processor. RAM:

If you are running high-intensity software, at least 32 GB of RAM is required

And if you multitask a lot, then 64 GB is your guy.

Keep in mind that the RAM can be upgraded for most of the laptops

So if you find that is high in all the specs but low in RAM, then keep in mind that you can upgrade it later on.

Graphics Card: The recommended graphics card is RTX-3080 However, try to avoid any graphics card that says (Max Q' ED) as these have been capped to a certain level of performance so they can be added to slim and thin laptops (that don't handle heat very well)

Hard drive: In terms of hand drive, you want to opt for an SSD Hard Drive. Which is a newer technology compared to the HDD Harddrive technology which is faster to process the information inside of your lapop. The storage aspect of the hard drive completely depends on you as a user, you can always opt for cloud storage or external hard drives.

I found that Asus ROG Strix has the best price range with good heat management (from the reviews I read). therefore, most of my options are from them:

*(not sponsored, but affiliate links, won't add any extra cost on you, but will support my small business so thank you for using them!)

UAE Link:

International Link:

This is good to get the edge off from the high price primary cost (cost at buying point). This is better than the higher-spec model listed below because the size of the laptop is slightly bigger (17.3 inches compared to 15.9 inches) which will improve the overall performance of the laptop by reducing speed throttling due to excess heat under heavy tasks. I would try to avoid any "slim" laptop cases as even though they are attractive, they limit airflow into the laptop which will cause the laptop to overheat which would then force it to reduce its performance to mitigate that.

UAE Buying Link:

International Buying Link:

  • high-end performance with an SSD hard drive that provides ample space. according to my research, this is the highest of the Nvidia RTX 2000 series and it is not Max-Q'ed so it shouldn't have any limitation. There are currently new configurations that include the RTX 3000 such as the ASUS TUF however from research into this, it seems that ASUS decided to limit the power consumption of the GPU to prevent overheating which is like buying a challenger but with an RPM limit of 3000.

UAE Buying Link:

International Buying Link:

Higher-end performance laptop. It includes the latest version of the new AMD processing technology having 8 cores. In addition, it includes the latest hardware from Nvidea the RTX 3080. some issues were picked up in my research about thermal management however were overcome by manual control of the thermal settings which is an option for users to adjust. so expect a bit of a learning curve there.